Since starting our Period Home Renovation in 2006 we have been gearing up to building an extension on the back of our house, to replace the dated and crumbling building that is currently housing our kitchen. I have some great memories in that kitchen but it has finally come to the time it needs to go and I cant wait to get started. Its been a labor of love renovating our house but we are finally seeing results with the rest of the house almost done.

Existing Kitchen

Existing Kitchen

The extension is a significant size and so we are working with an architect, who has helped us get through the  planning process with preparation of our planning application drawings and then after succesfull planning was granted, prepare building application documentation to ensure that we are now able to move forward with the actual build.

After careful consideration and meeting a number of Architects we decided to employ a local Coventry & Warwickshire Architect – VB Architects, as they had lots of experience as House Extensions Architects.

It has been great working with VB Architects and I am looking forward to seeing the results of the ideas become reality.

Whether you intend to construct a new building, expand your current facility, or adapt an existing structure, it makes sense to consult an Architect.

With planning approval in place, your architect can recommend an appropriate form of building contract and will prepare drawings with technical specifications which describe your agreed proposals, for selected builders to cost, and they often have ideas you would never think of and help you live your life how you want to live rather than how you live now.


The ground works are due to start on our house extension in a few weeks time, exciting times. Working with an Architect has helped our dreams become reality.