Female Architects

Female architects can help you realise your Grand Design! There are a relatively small number of experienced female architects in the UK but one of them has found time to chat to us about her career in the construction industry. Read the rest of this entry…

Female Plasterers

Despite the credit crunch climate, female plasterer Becky Coates is finding that business is ticking along nicely as usual. In fact, Becky explains that the plastering trade Read the rest of this entry…

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  • Sandblaster

    Blasting her way into a man's world


Sandblasting is traditionally a male role – I spoke to Kaz Doyle who is probably the only female sandblaster in the UK. She loves her job and gets a thrill from restoring barn beams and walls that will last Read the rest of this entry…

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JuggleFrogs has been working to support tradeswomen and today we gained support and recognition from LEGI (Local Enterprise Growth Initiative) for the work we plan to do in the next year Read the rest of this entry…

Working in a Man’s World

Driving diggers, wearing a hard hat, and getting up early to drive to a building site is not every girl’s idea of fun and would typically be seen as working in a man’s world. Read the rest of this entry…

Trades Women

Trades women are out and about in the UK learning trades and working successfully as tradespeople. Kerrie Keeling is founder of A Woman’s Touch, a female construction company based in Wimbledon. Read the rest of this entry…



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