I cannot tell you how excited I am to say that Juggle Frogs is now live to the world. From the seed of an idea a year ago now Juggle Frogs is ready for launch. People will finally have a place to go when they need to find recommended tradesmen.

The need for Juggle Frogs

I have been involved in property renovation for a few years and it’s through my own personal struggle and frustration with finding tradesmen that I knew I had to do something to make this better. I have had a lot of support for this project from friends and family but also from other homeowners out there who are eager for this service to become available.

Juggle Frogs Founder - Miranda de Freston

Juggle Frogs Founder - Miranda de Freston

Last week we received an e-mail from Jo Poole, Birmingham. She, like so many others, has struggled to find what she’s looking for in the past and couldn’t wait for Juggle Frogs to go live:

    “I can’t count the number of times I have poured over the Yellow Pages, desperately trying to remind myself that a big advert does not necessarily mean that a tradesmen is honest and trustworthy.You are entirely right when you say that the “ask the neighbour” culture has vanished. From time to time I watch the sort of television programmes such as “Rogue Traders” and I find these programmes so frustrating because they don’t offer any real tips on how to avoid these sorts of tradesmen, and serve only to remind me of what a nightmare this sort of thing can be.”         

Personal struggle – finding tradesmen

Like Jo, I knew it would be difficult to find the right tradesmen for the job but I never dreamed it would be as hard as it actually was. Where do you even start looking?

We were local to the area and as I am a bit of an IT geek I started my search online which proved absolutely fruitless. So, I resorted to the phone books and our local paper, which needless to say proved an even bigger disaster – it was time consuming and really frustrating.

We did get lucky on a few occasions when we had recommendations from people we knew but most people don’t know a whole suite of tradesmen. I just felt it doesn’t need to be this hard, which is when I started thinking I could do something about it.

Juggle Frogs goes live!

A lot of hard work has gone into making Juggle Frogs a user-friendly, practical solution for both homeowners and tradesmen – and we can’t wait to help you! We really want to develop a community online, not just another faceless website, so we are planning lots of exciting things for the Be inspired section and welcome any feedback from you for new ideas.

So, please feel free to browse the site and recommend Juggle Frogs to everybody you know. If you have any feedback then please contact us – we’d love to hear from you! Happy browsing!