Our latest tradesman to register on JuggleFrogs is Andrew Power from Power Dry Stone Walling, he is working hard this summer to promote his Dry Stone Walling business online with a fantastic new website and listing on JuggleFrogs – both helping him to winmore work across the UK.


Dry Stone walling is a traditional craft that is still in demand today. The walls are constructed with no mortar or cement, and held up by the interlocking of the stones. Dry Stone Walls are used in building construction, as field boundaries, and on steep slopes as retaining walls for terracing.

The roots of drystone walling lie at least as far back as the Iron Age and as with many traditional crafts, dry stone wallers, today, are few in number.

With the advent of modern fencing, fields can be fenced with much less time and expense using wire than using stone walls; however, the initial expense of building is offset by their sturdiness and consequent long, low-maintenance lifetimes. A nationally recognised certification scheme is operated in the UK by the Dry Stone Walling Association, with four grades from Initial to Master Craftsman; of which Power Dry Stone Walling are members.


Most dry stone walls were built between 1750 and 1850 – meaning many dry stone walls are two hundred years old, some older. Because of the way they are built, dry stone walls are very strong, so as well as being beautiful to look at, they are long lasting with low-maintenance lifetimes.

For more information on Dry Stone Walling, contact Andrew Power at  Power Dry Stone Walling.