Kitchen Design

Which Washing Machine

Which washing machine should you choose? There are just so many washing machine on the market now. To get the best idea of which washing machine to choose consider Read the rest of this entry…

Small Kitchens

Small kitchens have lots of challenges in terms of design so making use of every space saving trick in the book is a must. If your small kitchen design is carefully planned, your small kitchen can actually be Read the rest of this entry…

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Which Fridge

Which fridge do you think you need? One way to decide is to look at your normal shopping contents. Do you need a fridge with an egg rack because you use lots of eggs and need to get to them easily? Read the rest of this entry…

Which Dishwasher

An average family spends up to 250 hours per year washing-up and 33% of homes have a dishwasher, but which dishwasher is the right dishwasher! Read the rest of this entry…

Cooking Appliances

The two main home cooking appliances are cookers and microwaves (90% of homes have a microwave). One decision that has a huge bearing on the finished look of your kitchen Read the rest of this entry…

Kitchen Cupboards

Different types of kitchen cupboards¬†and storage units can maximize space in a kitchen and they are integral to the design of any kitchen. Read the rest of this entry…

Kitchen Layout

Your kitchen layout is critical and kitchen space planning needs to be right – there is a lot to consider if you are to ensure your kitchen is cook-friendly Read the rest of this entry…

Kitchen Design Services

Most kitchen companies offer FREE kitchen design services so try to visit a number of kitchen companies. Even if you don’t use them you should come away with some great kitchen design ideas. Read the rest of this entry…

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Over 3 million built-in appliances are sold every year – but choosing kitchen appliances that are right for your kitchen can be a real challenge. Read the rest of this entry…

Recycled Kitchen

Recycling is on the increase! And with it an awareness of the many different ways in which we can protect our planet’s precious resources. Julian Richards runs Milestone and has been in the kitchen business for 18 years. Read the rest of this entry…



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