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Find an Interior Designer

Interior designers are a great source of information and can really turn your design vision into reality. Interior designers design internal spaces this can range from structural alterations to choosing colours and Read the rest of this entry…

Reliable Plumbers

If you don’t know where to start finding reliable plumbers it can feel like a daunting task. However there is a lot of help at hand and this part of the building industry is heavily regulated especially when plumbers are working with gas. Read the rest of this entry…

Home Architect

We specialise in helping people find help for their homes and this includes finding a home architect. Recent years have seen the arrival of urban loft conversions giving contemporary living spaces. This widespread home modernisation Read the rest of this entry…

ARB Architects

The Architects Act 1997 makes it illegal for someone to call themselves an architect that is not registered with the Architect Registration Board (ARB). The Architect Registration Board asks people to let them know Read the rest of this entry…

Hiring Contractors

Okay so you don’t want to or can’t do all the work yourself so you need to think about hiring contractors it’s important to have a reliable team of contractors. Read the rest of this entry…

Plumbers In

There are lots of great plumbers in the UK. Before you start looking for a plumber in your local area, make sure that you know the type of plumber that you need.  As depending on the work you need done might mean you need Read the rest of this entry…

Architectural Services

Whether your project is a porch extension, extensive property makeover, new build house or large office development, employing a company with Architectural Services, really can make a difference to the end result. Read the rest of this entry…

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Residential Builder

Looking for a residential builder in your local area – then you have come to the right place. We have a database of Residential Builders across the UK. Read the rest of this entry…

Rated Tradesmen

Rated tradesmen or tradesmen that have been recommended are in huge demand these days, especially with more and more people renovating their homes. So what exactly are rated tradesmen and how do we know we can trust Read the rest of this entry…

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    Looking for help in London - use JuggleFrogs

London Help

Looking for help in London? Use JuggleFrogs – we have lots of London help with our award-winning tradesmen search. Read the rest of this entry…



From electricians to gardeners, it's hard to find tradespeople you can really trust.

JuggleFrogs remove that 'lottery' by providing you with details of tradespeople in your area and by giving you the chance to read reviews written by like-minded homeowners.