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Smart Paint

A new smart paint developed by Dr Rachel Armstrong of University College London, is said to be the latest development in building carbon zero homes. The smart paint has been designed to absorb harmful carbon emissions. Read the rest of this entry…

Carbon Zero Home

Plans are a foot to build the first carbon zero home in Solihull, the house plans to have a major transformation including a new swimming pool in the basement and fantastic open plan design. Beyond its sleek modern design Read the rest of this entry…

Microgeneration Scheme

NICEIC Group has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to run a Microgeneration Scheme(MCS) for installers. The Microgeneration Scheme is designed to register businesses undertaking environmental Read the rest of this entry…

Building Sustainably

Building sustainably is increasingly becoming a concern whether it’s the waste we are producing or energy we are using. The amount of products used by the construction means buildings have a substantially effect on environment Read the rest of this entry…

Eco Development

Eco developments might have been in the news lately with all the talk of Eco Villages check out this eco development pioneered in 2002. Read the rest of this entry…

Eco Renovation

So what do you use when you are trying to do an eco renovation. There are huge extremes with eco renovation, but a little effort really can go along way in helping to save the environment and there are lots of eco solutions with a Read the rest of this entry…

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  • Eco Home Ideas

    Cut your carbon footprint and your energy bills

Eco Home Ideas

In the current economic climate, saving energy and therefore money is ever more important. So it’s well worth improving your current home, with the latest eco home ideas, especially as many of them require little investment. Read the rest of this entry…

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a brilliant “green” solution for your home. Aside from anything else, rainwater is free – it just falls from the sky and lets face it in the UK there is not usually a shortage for most of the year. Read the rest of this entry…

Tap Technology

Over the years there have been advancements in tap technology and probably the most sophisticated type of bath tap is the thermostatic tap this incorporates a dial, which allows you to set the exact Read the rest of this entry…

Modern Koi Carp Garden

Check out this inspired modern koi carp garden, by Garden Designer, Jano Williams, a fantastic example of the difference a garden designer can make. Garden Designer, Jano Williams tells us all about the design: Read the rest of this entry…



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